4 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Chances are you don’t think too much about the electrical panel in your home — and why should you? When you flick your light switch, the lights go on, and that’s all that should matter, right? Not exactly.

Upgrading your electrical panel is one of the best ways you can upgrade your home without breaking the bank. At T.D. Stevens Electrical in Texas, we’ve upgraded hundreds of electrical panels during our time. Here’s why our pros recommend that you upgrade your panel!

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Prevents Tripping the Breaker

Tripping the breaker in your home is a symptom of way too much power coursing through your system. Too much current passing through your wires can damage them and cause them to overheat. When you upgrade your electrical panel, your system is able to handle more current and disperse that energy more effectively.

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Decreases the Likelihood of Fires

Electrical fires can start for a number of reasons, one of which is too much current passing through your wires, heating them up, and eventually leading to fire damage. Breakers help to regulate the flow of electricity throughout your home, so you don’t have to worry about any errant fires caused by faulty wiring.

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Energy Efficiency

Generally, the newer the breaker, the more energy efficient it is. Newer breakers can handle more load, and do so more effectively than older breakers. This can lead to greater efficiency in your home, which translates to more money saved on your power bill each month.

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Lower Insurance Premiums

Because new breakers make your home more efficient and can help prevent fires, upgrading your electrical panel can even lower your insurance premiums, much in the same way that installing new energy-efficient doors and windows can lower premiums.

The electrical panel can make or break your home. When it’s faulty, it’s hazardous, and when it’s functioning properly, we hardly think about it! No matter how old or new your electrical panel is, it’s always time for an upgrade from T.D. Stevens Electrical! Get in touch with us today!

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