When It's Time To Call Up Electrician Services

Homeowners know that owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. But when you have an HVAC system to look at, vinyl siding to clean, doors and windows to maintain, and plumbing to keep an eye on, it’s easy to let some common electrical issues slip by you. At T.D. Stevens Electrical in Humble, Texas, we know what faulty electronics look like, and when it’s time to call up electrician services. Read on to learn more!

Electrical breaker

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Frequently tripping circuit breakers are a clear sign you need electrician services. Circuit breakers trip when they detect an electrical fault in your home’s wiring, making your breaker kind of like a canary in the coal mine for electrical issues. The more it trips, the higher the chance you have an electrical fault in your home!

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Can light

Flickering Lights

When your lights flicker it means you have two potential causes:

  • Your lightbulbs went out
  • Your lights have an electrical fault

To rule out the possibility of a dead lightbulb, it’s as easy as screwing in a new one and testing if that works. If the new bulb doesn’t light up, you probably have an electrical fault, which means it’s time for you to call electrician services.

Kitchen light

Buzzing Sounds in Your Walls

Nobody wants to hear any sound coming from inside of their walls — especially not buzzing! When you hear that telltale hum in your home, you might have a loose connection or faulty wiring that’s either shorting or not functioning properly, and can only be remedied by electrician services.

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House exterior

If You Live in a House That’s Over 20 Years Old

Older homes come with their own issues — one of which is with their wiring. Old homes often need an inspection to ensure their wiring and electrical systems are up-to-date and safe to use. Additionally, electrical codes can change, so an inspection will ensure your new home is compliant.

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