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Never underestimate the importance of knowing a good electrician. Our modern society is dependent on electricity, and if something goes wrong with the wiring in your home or office, you could have a big problem on your hands.

Maintaining the electrical infrastructure in a building or home is no easy task. Fortunately, T.D Stevens Electrical exists. We can do this complicated and sometimes dangerous work for you. We have solved even the toughest and most confusing of problems.

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If you need electrical repair and installation service, your best bet is to hire an electrical contractor. A contractor will send a professional over to look at your system and make any necessary adjustments.

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Most workplaces are dependent on electricity to some degree or another. If something goes wrong, hire a commercial electrician. They specialize in commercial electrical services and will get the job done.

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Electrical repair problems in the house can be simply annoying or catastrophic. Whatever the case, you'll want someone to fix it as soon as possible and hire a residential electrician.

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T.D. Stevens is fully stocked with any light or heavy equipment that you need for a project or jobsite Give us a call today to get started.


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A good electrician knows how to listen to the client and is not pushy. From there, they will figure out an ideal, cost-effective solution. Make sure that you only hire a licensed electrician to do your electrical repair service. Those without licenses won't necessarily know what they are doing and could make the problem worse. Sometimes important things like lighting break down unexpectedly or at the least convenient moments can cause panic. If you need something fixed right away, we have a 24-hour emergency electrician available at your request.


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Excellent service.

"Great experience, good price. He communicated to me every step of the way. I have another job I will have him do as well. customer service is the winning hand."

- Bart Smith


Went above and beyond.

"I used this company for the first time today and I will only enlist their services from now on. Tyrell went above and beyond to diagnose the issue, get the..."

- Sun Rei


Quality service.

"Tyrell provides excellent service quality service. Tyrell and his team upgraded my electrical panel on Christmas Eve. No complications; he took his time and got..."

- Junior Mays


Excellent Quality.

"I am a penny-pincher do-it-yourselfer and I lost power to part of my house, I tried to troubleshoot it myself but decided I was outmatched. I called T.D. Stevens..."

- Curtis Neveu

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